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At Nova Dental, we provide our patients with the latest dental technology and services. State-of-the-art treatments and technology allow our team to precisely target dental problems and create proven solutions. We welcome patients to learn about our dental technology in our Owings Mills, MD dental office.

Dental CBCT image rendering of teeth in jaw


We provide different types of technology to diagnose and treat patients in our office:


Dr. Nova was one of the first dentists in the Maryland, DC, and VA areas to acquire a digital CBCT scanner and 3-D imaging software. Cone-beam computed tomography (CBCT) scans take quick images of the mouth and jaw. CBCT scans create detailed images of the bone, tissues, and nerves in the mouth so we can easily diagnose patients.

In-office 3D scanning capability is more convenient for patients and allows Dr. Nova to have immediate access to diagnostic imagery that will support a successful outcome.

Rendering of three dental implant screws


Dr. Nova is a leading dentist for the placement of dental implants using a minimally invasive technique. We also use the latest technology for implants, including Ankylos implants. Ankylos implants are of the highest quality and promote improved osseointegration and long-term stability.


Dr. Nova offers incision-less guided dental implants to replace one or more missing teeth. This non-invasive treatment does not use flap surgery to access the jaw bone. Instead, Dr. Nova places the implant post directly in the mouth and uses a guide or stent to precisely place the implants. As a result, guided implants do not require cuts or stitches in the gum tissue. Additionally, Dr. Nova plans implant placement using scans of the mouth that create 3-D digital models of the smile. Dr. Nova places the implants using this model and computer-generated guide.


For the majority of our patients, we can provide same-day dental implants. To achieve this, we use 3-D digital technology and guides to precisely place implants in the mouth. Dr. Nova offers flapless implant surgery. In traditional implant surgery, flap surgery cuts the gums to form flaps and access the jawbone. Flapless surgery places the implant through the gum and bone. We can also perform a tooth extraction and place an implant on the same day.

Intraoral scanner


Compared to traditional dental x-rays, digital radiography offers safer and quicker results. Digital x-rays emit 80 percent less radiation than traditional film x-rays. We can also immediately see x-ray images with no processing times. Using digital x-rays, our team looks for problems in the tooth roots, bone, and gums.


Traditional dental impressions use bitter, messy putty. Alternatively, intraoral scanners take digital impressions to help us make dental restorations and provide orthodontic treatment. We use an intraoral scanner to create digital models of the smile for use in creating surgical guides and dental restorations.


We keep digital patient records, which helps conserve paper and allows us to send patient information to dental labs and providers. With digital, paperless charting, we can easily access patient information and keep records and insurance information.


Call Nova Dental at (410) 205-1127 or request a dental consultation on our website today. We welcome you to our Owings Mills office.

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