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Dental Bridge

Do you have lost permanent teeth? Renew your smile with a dental bridge. A bridge is a dental restoration that "bridges the gap" left by one or multiple missing teeth. Dental bridges restore single lost teeth or rows of missing teeth. A bridge is a dental prosthetic that uses high-quality titanium metal and porcelain ceramic to create a natural-looking restoration. They restore both function and aesthetics to patients’ smiles.

At Nova Dental, Dr. Dmitry Nova provides dental bridges to patients in Owings Mills, MD. Dr. Nova can provide implant surgery to secure a bridge for a durable result. We use dental sedation to make the procedure as pain-free and comfortable as possible. Most patients report little to no discomfort throughout the process.

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A traditional dental bridge is removable and uses your natural teeth as anchors on either side. At the end of the day, you have to take the bridge out and clean it properly. It also doesn’t give you back 100% of your bite function. You have to be careful about the things you chew and bite into when you have a removable bridge, as it can get damaged if you’re using it to bite into something hard, like an apple. This causes dietary restrictions, which can be difficult for many patients.

Using natural teeth as anchors can cause damage to these teeth. It’s a lot of stress on natural teeth having to support a dental bridge all of the time. Anchored teeth wear down faster than others and are at a higher risk of being damaged. These teeth are also more susceptible to tooth decay and a variety of other problems. Oftentimes, we’ll have to use dental crowns to reinforce the teeth, so they don’t get damaged. But dental crowns require preparation that eliminates a lot of the natural tooth structure. They are colored and matched to surrounding teeth so that they blend in with the rest of your smile and look natural to the naked eye.

An implant-supported bridge uses dental implants as anchor teeth instead of your natural teeth. With implants, you don’t have to risk your natural teeth for the sake of supporting the bridge. An implant-supported bridge comes with many other benefits, too. For instance, the implants stop the jawbone from continuing to deteriorate. With traditional bridges, you’ll need to readjust or replace them over their lifetime because the fit will change as the jawbone does. Your bridge will need to change with the jawbone for the restoration to remain effective.

An implant-supported bridge is fixed and remains in your mouth. You don’t have to take it out and clean it separately every night. You simply brush and floss like you normally would. We’ll provide you with special tools and techniques to ensure that you can clean your fixed bridge properly. Also, an implant-supported bridge does not come with any dietary restrictions, and patients can resume their normal routine after treatment. Implant-supported bridges also reduce the risk of jaw bone deterioration and gum disease, which can be serious threats to patients’ health long term.

Because it’s fixed and supported with implants, you get back 100% of your bite function. Unlike with traditional bridges, you shouldn’t have to remove anything from your diet. Your restoration can handle the various foods in a balanced diet and you shouldn’t be nervous to speak or eat in front of people.


Dr. Nova recommends implants over traditional bridges to secure a crown or tooth prosthetic. To prepare patients for implant treatment, Dr. Nova makes sure that his patients are in good oral health. Patients also need enough jaw bone tissue to support their implants. If you do not have enough bone to support implants, bone grafting is an option. This makes the procedure more extensive but is necessary if you do not have enough bone structure to support implants.

Dr. Nova uses digital scans and impressions to plan implant treatment and create bridge prosthetics. Digital scans show the teeth, gums, and jaw tissue so Dr. Nova can find the right areas to place the implants. Using these scans, Dr. Nova can show patients what their projected smile will look like after treatment. Additionally, Dr. Nova uses dental impressions to create custom dental bridges. Patients with one missing tooth will receive a single implant that does not require tooth preparation for adjacent natural teeth.

If patients have a row of missing teeth, they will receive multiple implants to secure their bridge. Dr. Nova offers flapless implant surgery, which is much more efficient than implant surgery that uses gum flaps. Once he places the implant, Dr. Nova attaches the dental crown or bridge prosthetic. This restores function to your smile, while also restoring the aesthetics of your smile. Adding a restorative prosthetic like a bridge to your implant increases patients’ self-confidence, by giving them a new beautiful smile. After treatment, patients leave our office with a new smile, that they are confident in.

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Dental Bridge | Nova Dental | Owings Mills, MD
At Nova Dental, Dr. Dmitry Nova provides dental bridges to patients in Owings Mills, MD. Dr. Nova can provide implant surgery to secure a bridge for a durable result
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