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Dental Crown

Do you have worn or damaged teeth? Dental crowns are caps that cover and protect teeth that have decay, are chipped, cracked, or have cosmetic imperfections. Crowns are also available as a restoration for dental implants and may be used to complete or correct a root canal. A dental crown will support optimal dental health and can be used to create a more comfortable and balanced smile.

At Nova Dental, Dr. Dmitry Nova offers dental crown treatment in Owings Mills, MD for patients with a range of dental concerns. Additionally, he provides dental restorations to renew patients' smiles and improve bite function. Dr. Nova and his team work with patients to identify the most suitable dental treatments for their needs and cosmetic goals.

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Dr. Nova thoroughly examines the patient’s teeth and gums to determine if they are good candidates for tooth crowns. First, patients need to be in good oral health without stress on the bite or teeth. Then, he uses diagnostic x-rays and scans to determine where to place the crowns. We also use our technology to show you what your smile will look like after crowns have been placed.

To begin treatment, Dr. Nova prepares the tooth for the dental crown. He shapes the tooth’s surface to the proper foundation for crowns and other restorations. Then, Dr. Nova takes impressions used to fabricate the permanent dental crowns. Next, he will provide patients with temporary acrylic crowns to protect their prepared teeth. Finally, when the permanent crown is complete, Dr. Nova will check the fit, color, and shape before he cements it in place. Crowns blend in seamlessly with surrounding teeth to provide a natural looking restoration that also functions like patients natural teeth.


Dental crowns are one of the most useful tools a dentist has at their disposal. This is because they can treat a variety of both cosmetic and restorative dental concerns. Professional teeth whitening is the usual method of treating discolored teeth, but not all staining responds to this treatment. Deeper stains caused by medication or trauma require a different solution. A dental crown is color-matched to the shade of white you desire and covers the entire discolored tooth.

A misshapen tooth or one with a defect not only impacts the look of your smile but can also impact your ability to chew or speak properly, depending on where it’s located in the mouth. A dental crown can fix both of these problems. We custom-make each crown to look like a normal, natural tooth that blends perfectly into your smile. The color, size, and shape are based on the rest of your teeth, so that you get the full function and aesthetic of your natural tooth back.

Crowns provide stability to teeth, too. When you get a root canal, your tooth may not be the most stable afterward. A crown provides the stability you need and helps to seal off the tooth from further infection. Crowns also fortify teeth that support a restoration, like a dental bridge. Anchoring a bridge puts a lot of stress on your natural teeth and makes them more likely to develop tooth decay. Crowns take on that stress instead of your natural teeth.

Lastly, crowns are the ideal solution to complete a dental implant restoration. It both looks and feels the most like a natural tooth with the use of a dental crown. We also use them to restore the full tooth if you have one that’s chipped or broken. Crowns are use to complete the tooth and gives you back the full use and care for the tooth as you normally would. After receiving a dental crown many patients leave our office with increased self confidence and say that they love their new smile.


Do you have further questions about dental crowns and how they may help your smile? Continue reading to find answers to frequently asked questions about dental crowns in our office.


Also known as partial crowns, inlays and onlays cover a different part of the tooth. While dental crowns fully cover teeth, inlays cover the chewing surface between the tooth cusps, and onlays cover the surface and tooth sides. Typically we will recommend inlays and onlays to patients with tooth damage on the chewing surface or upper portion of their tooth. In addition, crowns can better protect teeth that also have damage near the gums or roots.


Dental crowns can last for many years with the proper care. The material and placement of the crowns also impact their longevity. Metal crowns or porcelain fused to metal may last more than other types of crowns. We also recommend that patients gently brush their crowns and continue to floss crowns like natural teeth. After patients receive their crowns, they should avoid hard, sticky, or chewy foods that may dislodge the new crown.


Most patients who receive a root canal will need a dental crown. Dental crowns will restore strength to the tooth after a root canal and can benefit patients who have worn or weakened teeth because of their cavities or tooth decay.

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A dental crown will support optimal dental health and can be used to create a more comfortable and balanced smile.
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